Parisian Pop~Up Shop & Sip Takeover

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Pick a week that your talent is in and sign up.

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Interested in Being A Vendor?

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We have a great opportunity for you!

Join Sugar & Spice Spa/Event Center For their 1st annual Popup Shop.

Starting October, 25 Ending December, 8th 2017.
5 day commitment 

Shopping hours 11am till 6pm (Later If shop is busy and holidays 8pm)
Commitment At least 4-5 hrs each day.

Do you have a product or service that you know the Tri-State needs and wants?

Secure your space for Sugar & Spice's Parisian Pop~Up Shop & Sip Takeover

Hosted by Sugar & Spice Spa/Event Center!
Artists, Designers, Musicians, Boutiques, Spas, Crafters, Creators,  Jewelry Makers,

Retailers and the list goes on and on.....
You will have an opportunity to share your business in our Spa & Event Center Space

for a week at a time.

In our vibrant community!

You will be strategically placed in our busy brick and mortar space.

Each vendor is responsible for decorating your space.

You will have the opportunity to sell sell sell!
Commitment At least 4-5 hrs each day.


PLEASE understand that we may have multiple vendors applying for one category/space. We will not accept multiple vendors in the same categories in the same week. Management must review and approve all vendors.

What is a Pop-Up Shop?

A “pop-up shop” is a short-term, temporary retail event that is "here today, gone tomorrow".

Pop-up retail is the temporary use of physical space to create a long term, lasting impression with potential customers. A pop-up shop allows you to communicate your brand’s promise to your customers through the use of a unique and engaging physical environment while creating an immersive shopping experience.
Now that we’ve got the definition out of the way, let’s talk about some of the benefits of doing a pop-up shop.

What are the benefits of a Pop-Up Shop?
• Connect with customers: The Pop-Up Retail format allows you to personally get to know your customers and build stronger relationships.
• Sell more: About 95% of all purchases are still completed offline.

This is your opportunity to take advantage of the retail channel.
• Build awareness: Consumers and the media love the excitement generated by Pop-Up Shops.

Build brand awareness by going offline.
• It’s cheaper: Launching a pop-up shop is 80% cheaper than a traditional retail store.
• Test new markets: Easily enter a new market and launch new products.

Spaces will go quickly so don't delay!

This year, Sugar & Spice Spa/Event Center will be hosting a Parisian Pop~Up Shop & Sip Takeover. For the fall and winter, featuring a selected group of specialty vendors

As a vendor, you are invited to participate in our upcoming Pop Up Shops, held at Sugar & Spice Spa/Event Center on September 25, 2017 till December 22nd, 2017 & on the (TBA) Saturday & Sunday of each month.


Each Pop Up Shop will feature up to (20) vendors "setting up shop" in our space for the day.  Vendors will be asked to be set up on-site for the entire day (11am-8pm) with a with a minimum of 4 hours per day physically being there, since part of the draw for shoppers will be that they are buying directly from you: the maker.  Our goal is for those who at & tend our Pop Up Shops to get a little taste of what it's like to shop at a variety of specialty stores but in a smaller, more intimate setting.

If you're interested, please look through the additional details below, as well as the dates we've set aside for these special weekly & two-day events.  You'll find theme ideas alongside the dates; these are just brainstorms for ways to market each Pop Up, tie participating vendors together, etc.  If you have any ideas for potential themes, please let us know!

**Some vendors will have the opportunity to no booths for our Pop Up Shops! Vendors drop off their priced and labeled inventory and we will transform Sugar & Spice Spa/Event Center into a retail shop with a central check out - creating a curated specialty shop experience.

Vendors do NOT have to be at the Pop Up Shop! Sugar & Spice Spa/Event Center Pop Up Team will merchandise, style, and work the entirety of the Pop Up Shop.

Accepted vendors will drop off their inventory Monday, September 11th thru the 18th from 12-7PM.***

*** a different rate

If you would like to participate with one or two other specific vendors, please let us know!  We'd love to match people up with complementary makers... especially, if you're already friends!